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We provide a broad range of services when it comes to buying goods

  • Individual items
  • House lots – Clear sheds
  • Antique and modern furniture
  • Vintage & modern clothes
  • Vinyl Records , CDs and memrobilia
  • Just about anything of value
  • Deceased Estate or Moving

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We find that if we quote before you start cleaning up, the price for goods will usually be higher because many items considered rubbish  are actually salable. It is also helpful to identify or remove the items that you wish to keep before we estimate the quote.

Rubbish Removal

We can help if you are handling an estate at a distance from where you live or are just not in the position to deal with the huge task of disposing of the contents and the rubbish.

We work out a price that pays for the goods and allows for the cost of cleaning up the property.. This saves you money and time, usually cheaper than a big bin and we do the work.

Call John on 0414 998 036 (business & AH) WANTED – Vinyl Records & Cds We pay top prices for good quality Lp’s, singles an Cds

Rock           Folk               Jazz              Blues

Electronic        Heavy Metal           Punk            Alternative

also European records and anything else of interest

Will travel for good collections

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